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Behind the Scenes

  By: Sarah Collins Getting a peek behind the scenes is always fascinating, right? Whether it's how something is made, how spaces are organized, what people do when they travel, or what someone's work routine is like, it's fun to see what day to day life is like through the perspective of others. If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes here at Whimsicals Paperie, you are in luck! I'm here to give you a fun sneak peek: The Illustration Process All of our products begin with hand-drawn watercolor pencil illustrations. Watercolor pencils look just like standard colored pencils, but add a little wet brush once the color is down and it transforms before your eyes into watercolor. ...

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How New Releases Work

Otters and pandas and octopi, oh my! Our winter release is here with three brand new adorable animals. When we release new illustrations, they go onto three of our main products: note cards, notepads and decorative stickers. You get to pick and choose which ones you want...

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On the week of October 9th, 2022, early Tuesday morning, my mom, dad, and I set out to the airport. We drove our metallic-blue SUV for an hour, all the while joking and talking. Now and then, we would each gaze out the window and contemplate how we got here...

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