The Question of Inclusion

The Question of Inclusion, Addressing concerns of our participation in Pride Month

Hello friends,
I wanted to publicly address a handful of concerns that I've received regarding my involvement in Pride Month and participation in Denver PrideFest.
First, to those that reached out, I appreciate you letting me know your thoughts, it's truly meaningful that you took the time to do that. Our society is really divided in this current climate and it can feel so exhausting, especially when there is the perception of a political undercurrent.
For my part, I would like to share that my involvement in a Pride event has nothing to do with politics, but has everything to do with people. I have friends, family members and loved ones who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. These people aren't a political entity, they are simply people. People that are unique and colorful, beautiful and kind. In the same way that I have chose to share some aspects of my personal life with my surrogacy journey and my daughter's Make-A-Wish experience, my involvement in Pride Month is something that is near and dear to my heart as an artist and a person. Art inspires connection and creativity, and interpretations of art can often go deep into a person's heart to bring comfort, joy and healing. Those are the same qualities that I wish to share with the world through my illustrations and products. That is my desire and hope when creating art, and it is also my desire for the LGBTQ community - that they can find comfort, safety and healing in exactly who they are at their core - beautiful people. 
Everyone deserves to feel safe in the company they keep. My desire is to create and cultivate a safe and loving space here in this small corner of the world for those who enjoy colorful art and cute paper products. I'm so happy you are here. 
With love,
If you or someone you know needs resources, you can find help at the following links:
The Trevor Project - for LGBTQ Youth
The Center on Colfax - for LGBTQ Resources & Community in Denver
Find all of our Rainbow Hearts designs here.


  • Lorena Davis

    Beautifully written! Thank you for sharing your heart.

  • Paula

    Sarah, Thank you for loving people. Your post was beautifully written.

  • Liz Donley

    Beautifully said. I’ll never forget meeting you at the Paper Fashion Show this past year and will continue to be a loyal/lifetime customer. Your creativity and work are greatly appreciated and you have made a positive impact on so many lives. May your light continue to shine bright! -liz

  • Ellen Concilio

    Beautifully written Sarah. I love all the words and the heart behind them.

  • Karen L Hill

    Dear Sarah, I’m glad you took the time to share this beautiful message. I wish that people could just live and let live and not be hateful of those who choose a different path. It seems that kindness is harder to show than the opposite and yet kindness feels so much better when it is given. Oh well. One can keep hoping the haters will get the message.

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