Behind the Scenes

 Behind the Scenes, an Insiders Look at our Small Business

By: Sarah Collins

Getting a peek behind the scenes is always fascinating, right? Whether it's how something is made, how spaces are organized, what people do when they travel, or what someone's work routine is like, it's fun to see what day to day life is like through the perspective of others. If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes here at Whimsicals Paperie, you are in luck! I'm here to give you a fun sneak peek:

The Illustration Process

All of our products begin with hand-drawn watercolor pencil illustrations. Watercolor pencils look just like standard colored pencils, but add a little wet brush once the color is down and it transforms before your eyes into watercolor. 

Sarah Collins illustrating in her Whimsicals paperie studio

panda illustration whimsicals paperie

illustration of an indian paintbrush flower whimsicals paperie

Sarah Collins drawing a peacock with watercolor pencils whimsicals paperie

Creating Products

Once the illustrations are created, they are then digitized and made ready to use in designing the products themselves. All of our products are designed in-house, and 90% of our products are printed and produced in-house in our Colorado studio! We also do all of our own packaging and fulfillment, so whatever you order from us comes straight from our hands to yours. 

packaging process at whimsicals paperie

Whimsicals paperie packaging station

Sarah Collins packaging orders whimsicals paperie

package from whimsicals paperie

Attending Markets

If you happen to live in Colorado or surrounding states, we also attend and sell at fun events like artisan markets and art fairs. We load our van full to the brim with products and displays so you can shop in person!

Whimsicals Paperie Booth Set up at an artisan market

Whimsicals Paperie Booth Set up

Junk Stock Market Participation Whimsicals Paperie

Sarah Collins at an artisan market Whimsicals Paperie

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Photo credits: Sarah Collins, Nikki A. Rae Photography, and Rugged Grace Photography


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  • Meleny Cox

    Amazing. Your artistic talent and your organizational talent :-) are incredible. Thanks for sharing.

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