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Simple Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping: Part 1

Who doesn't enjoy sitting down to a home cooked meal after a long day at work or playing with the kids? But, planning and preparing meals can feel overwhelming at times, and trying to throw a meal together at the last minute is rarely an easy task. We will share how we plan, organize and shop with hopes that it will give you new ideas and help in your own meal planning and prep. 

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Get Organized HQ 2020

Ever walk into someone's home and the space feels like a deep breath as your body relaxes into that environment? As you sit on the couch and look around, there is this balance that exists: the space is simple, but clearly intentional. Perhaps your focus is drawn to the way the sun streams through the window onto the colorful, yarn-wrapped stick that invites you to ask a question of how it came to be, or the ladder with an arrangement of live plants.  That same feeling--the feeling of walking into a peaceful, intentional space--can happen for you not just in your physical space, but in all the areas of life that benefit from organization. There are dozens of brilliant, encouraging...

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