How to Choose Your Perfect Notecard Set

How to Choose Your Perfect Notecards Set

Connection is one of the cornerstone pieces of who we are at Whimsicals Paperie, and it is one of the reasons we especially love notecards. With the purpose of connecting two people, while also spreading beauty with hand-drawn illustrations, this product is one of our favorites. If you aren't familiar with our notecard sets, or need a simple rundown to help you order, look no further - we are here to help! 

How They Work  

  • Our notecards come in boxed sets of 8 cards with 8 brown bag envelopes. They are sized at a cute and convenient 3.5" x 5" that travel easily through the mail with a regular stamp, no additional postage is necessary!
  • Our notecards are unique! We give you the ability to choose your design and your message.

  • In our shop, notecards are organized by illustration, then message. First choose the design that you like, then choose your message.

  • All Whimsicals notecards contain the message/wording on the front, and are blank inside, ready for your handwritten note.

  • You can choose from our readymade available messages (Thank You, Happy Birthday, and A Little Hello), or customize most notecards with your very own message!

  • We also have the option of 'image only' for when you don't need a specific message on the front and just want the illustration to shine front and center.

  • A handful of cards work especially well as thinking of you, sympathy or encouragement cards, and those come with additional messages like Thinking of You, and Peace be with You.

  • If you are looking for a specific message on a notecard, use the search function and cards with that message with auto-populate for you...but remember, if you don't see what you are looking for, you can customize most notecards with the message of your choice!

Other Fun Notecard Options

We also have a few other fun notecard options including: 

With over 20 different designs ranging from nature and animals to scenery, flowers and hearts, there is something for everyone. You can see all of our customizable notecard options here. The illustrations are bright and colorful, and are a charming carrier for your handwritten note to a loved one. 

Need help knowing how to write a meaningful card? We can help!

We are adding new designs frequently, so we would love to hear if there is a critter or illustration you would like to see! Which is your new favorite?


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