How to Write a Thoughtful Card


Part of life as we know it involves the simple, routine task of picking up the mail every day or two. You grab the stack of mail out of the mailbox, and flip through it quickly: bill, bill, junk mail, another bill, wait...a note. Who is it from? Oh! I wasn't expecting anything from her! Certainly you'll set the other mail aside to open that unexpected treat that dropped into your hands first, and those words feel like a hug as your heart soaks up the thoughtfulness sent in that little handwritten card. 

As wonderful as it is to receive an unexpected note in the mail, it isn't always easy to know what to write. Here are a couple simple tips when that bright, blank white inside of the card feels a bit overwhelming:

Be Specific

Wishing someone a happy birthday? List a few things you hope the next year is filled with for them. Sending a thank you? Let them know how whatever you are thanking them for made you feel. Just sending a Thinking of You type note? Let them know a few things you find especially wonderful about them. 

See Them

Try to avoid broad statements and speak intentionally into who they are. Tell your loved one a few of their most wonderful characteristics. Remind them of a sweet or funny shared memory. Let them know the ways they have made your life better by being in it. 

Don't Overthink It

Receiving a note from a loved one is such a treat, and simply knowing they were on your mind and that you created the space and took the time to write and send a note will likely make them feel incredibly loved. 

So, find a notecard that strikes your fancy, and spread a little love today. You'll be glad you did!

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