Simplify and Organize with Whimsicals Paperie

simplify and organize with whimsicals paperie

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.  - Benjamin Franklin

For many people, having an organized home and mental space feels incredibly good, but it isn't always easy to achieve. Here at Whimsicals Paperie, we value products that simplify and bring order to our life, and we have created a number of products with that goal in mind.

If you're looking to bring charming, colorful order to your world, or want to gift it to someone you love, check out these products:

Grocery Lists

          lined grocery list notepad with magnetic back

grocery list making notepad with store sections


These charming and functional grocery lists will help you simplify and organize your weekly grocery shopping. With 52 sheets (one for every week of the year), these notepads are offered in full or half sized to give you just the right amount of space, and are securely bonded together to tear smoothly and easily. The silky, thick paper will hold up beautifully, and the glide of your pen on this luxurious paper will makes this mundane task much more enjoyable; optional magnetic backing is included. They are most effective if paired with our Menu!

If grocery shopping and meal planning feels overwhelming, check out our blogs on simple meal planning and shopping tips here! 

Meal Planner Menus

weekly menu planning notepad magnetic

This simple and adorable menu planning notepad will help you organize the meals in your week. The bright, colorful drawing will cheer up any space, and the notepad is as functional as it is charming. Each notepad features 52 sheets (one for every week of the year), and give you lots of space to write. They are securely bonded together to tear smoothly and easily; optional magnetic backing is included.

If meal planning feels overwhelming, check out our blogs on simple meal planning and shopping tips here! 

Erasable Pens

frixion erasable gel pens


Even the most well-planned days have changes, and these pens are the perfect partners when flexibility is the name of the game. These are not your 80's style erasable pens. These Ball brand retractable (no cap to get lost) and erasable gel FriXion pens write in smooth .07 fine point, have beautiful colors and actually do erase!

Use for journaling, list making, color coordinating your paper planner, correcting papers... anything. Customers kept telling me that they would buy products then were afraid to write in them because they didn't want to mess them up. After some searching I came across these pens and I now use them daily. Try them out yourself! 

To Do Lists

list making notepads with check boxes magnetic

These simple and beautiful To-Do List Notepads will help you stay focused and on task, while brightening your day with their charming, hand-drawn illustrations. Each notepad features 50 double-sided sheets, and gives you lots of space to make your list. The front of each sheet features a blank title line, so each list is customizable - create a packing list, a grocery list, a to-do list, or all of the above! You can even personalized it as a gift to others (or yourself). They really do create a happy space to bring a little order to your world. 

Birthday Calendars

perpetual birthday calendar

With all of the stuff that goes into each month, week and day, keeping track of birthdays can be tough. More than just a simple annual calendar, this beautifully illustrated calendar will last forever. Record and remember birthdays, anniversaries, and other important annual events on this illustrated perpetual calendar. This birthday calendar eliminates the need to rewrite those special events on a new calendar every year, and the delightful illustrations are sure to bring you joy over and over again.

Magnetic clips

heavy duty magnetic clip

These beautiful but tough little magnets will hold a thick stack of papers tightly and without sliding. They are great for holding photographs, recipes or documents, and will brighten up any space lucky enough to have one. Use them in a classroom, on your fridge or to give as gifts. Each one is made individually, and you can choose colors to match the color theme of your room.

Address Book Pages

address book refill pages 5.5" x 8.5" half sheet junior size

While many people have moved their traditional address books into the technical world, if you're like me, you still really enjoy that paper book filled with the addresses of the people whose lives are part of yours. Keep all your address information organized on these beautiful pages. This pack of ten sheets (60 address spaces) is perfect for your mini-sized address book binder, and the simple, intentional art on the pages is certain to make your day a bit brighter.

So, here are some of the products Whimsicals Paperie has made to simplify our life, and hopefully yours. You can see the full collection here.

What are some of your favorite paper organizational tools? Is there anything you wish we would make for you? We would love to hear! 

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