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By Sarah Collins

New Release!

We recently had a fun new release - adorable little vinyl stickers!

Customer Feedback

The release prompted excitement as well as customer feedback with questions about shipping pricing for smaller items, like these stickers. I really appreciate feedback from customers - it's helpful and I've found that if a handful of people reach out about a question or issue, there are often even more that may have the same question but haven't reached out. So it is in that spirit that I wanted to share this information with you.
I can tell you honestly that I went back and forth on shipping while getting these new small stickers ready to go on my website. I considered how I should ship them and if I should change my current shipping policies. I want all of my wonderful customers to get their items without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Current Shipping Pricing

Currently, our shipping pricing is $4.95 flat rate for any order within the United States and free shipping on orders $50 and over. International shipping is calculated by destination, weight and size of the package.

Small Item Shipping

While I used to ship small items (like single cards and small stickers) in an envelope with a stamp, a number of years back I moved over to shipping even small/light items in a rigid mailer with tracking. I made this transition after having multiple issues with stamped letters getting lost or damaged, and decided that I would rather pay a bit more and have customer's orders arrive in a safe and timely manner. Any parcel that is non-bendable or that needs tracking is a package price through the postal service and can't be mailed with stamps. So, what that ultimately means is that it costs the same to ship a boxed set of note cards as it does little fun stickers. Please rest assured that while the cost may be a few dollars more than an envelope and a stamp, your stickers and other tiny fun items will arrive to you quicker, safer, and with tracking.

Ways to Contact Us

I am always happy to hear your feedback, concerns and questions. You, my lovely customers, are who I am here for! Thank you for your support and business and please don't hesitate to reach out. You can find all of the simple ways to contact us here, or leave a comment on this blog post. Thanks for following along!
Sarah packaging orders in the Whimsicals Paperie Studio
If you want to see the cute stickers I'm talking about, you can find them all here. They are pretty fun. 

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