Reflect & Remember

Reflect & remember

January 1, 2020 was the start of yet another marked circle around the sun. The days leading up to it had resolutions and planning dancing in our minds and across the pages of our planners. Weddings, reunions, vacations and gatherings with friends--the excitement that is at each new beginning brought in the new year. 

And then, a global pandemic. For some it was a slow, painful slip into masks and distancing--an awkward meeting of a new neighbor waving rather than shaking a hand. For others, the world came crashing to a halt in quarantines and loss of loved ones. It was disorienting, scary, and wildly unknown. There was no baseline, foundational understanding for most of us. Lives were lost. Lives are still being lost. And yet, life moves forward. The holidays are here, just as they always are. But the world is different. Many of us won't be gathering with our families and friends this year. Traditions will look different. Houses will be more quiet than typical. 

It is our invitation to you to take a few moments to reflect on where we are, and where we had hoped to be--to take some time to remember years past. Perhaps the space that remembering happens is filled with grief that it will look different this year. Perhaps it is filled with joy and tender smiles as we recall sweet moments of the past. Likely, it is filled with both. May you know that you are not alone as you shed tears at the losses that have come with this year, and the dreams that were postponed or even canceled. May you know that as you hold space for your new, modified hopes and dreams for the new year, we hope for them with you. 

As you enter this holiday season, may you feel connected to others, may you be seen by those around you, and may you know how loved you are.

Peace to you, friends. 

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