Practicing Gratitude with Whimsicals Paperie

Practicing gratitude is a gift to anyone engaging in it. It creates a breath, a pause, and a space where we can really see the world around us. Here at Whimsicals Paperie we think that space has incredible value--which is why we have three different products that help craft a place for that pause occur.

Here are some ideas on how these products can be used in your own life:


We currently (as of fall 2019) have two journals - the Gratitude Journal and the Little Things Journal (more journals coming next year!). These two journals are a lot alike, with just a couple key differences that we’ll discuss below.

They both have the same beautiful illustrations, and one line a day to record something you are thankful for or notice each day over the course of a year. Only having one line a day takes out the pressure to write a lot every day. Often, only a word or two is all you may need to practice gratitude at the end of your day.

Each two page spread covers one month of the year, and some customers have told us they use them for two years total by going back to the second year to fill in the lines they missed the first year!

In addition to using them personally, they also make exceptional hostess, Christmas, and birthday gifts for a friend or family members. Try filling it out for someone you love by writing something each day that you are grateful for or notice about your loved one--what a special gift at the end of a year!

The primary difference between the two journals is the quotes that are used within. The Little Things Journal has more quotes about the small moments in life, while the Gratitude Journal has quotes largely focusing on gratitude.

The Little Things Journal starts the lines by saying “A little thing from today…” while the Gratitude Journal starts by saying  “Today I am thankful for…”.

In both The Little Things Journal and the Gratitude Journal every page spread features the same original colored pencil and watercolor illustrations. Choose your favorite theme and put that journal to work!


The 30 Days of Gratitude 

The Gratitude Card Deck contains 30 beautifully simple cards to bring thoughtfulness and gratitude into your daily life. Each card contains a quote relating to gratitude and a question to ponder.

The quotes and questions within this deck have been chosen to be appropriate for all ages - young and old. I’ve had customers tell me that they are able to have their very small children (as young as 2!) participate in the family discussion and answering the questions of what they are thankful for. 

This deck comes with a stand (which customers get very excited about), and adds intention to any space. Send it as a gift, keep it rotating on your desk at work, use it at your family dinner table, or pull it out once a year as a Thanksgiving Advent Calendar - it makes for great conversation starters with the people you love, and creates space for personal reflection.

Let us know which product you like best, how you use them, or what product you would like to see in the future. Many of our best products have come out of your best ideas, so comment below!

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