Introducing Goodie Points!

Today I turn 38!

2018 has been a big year.
My husband turned 40, my daughter turned 10, and my husband and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary later this month. We purchased a home, the Whimsicals studio grew, I launched a website, and hired an assistant. 

Lest it seem all roses, there were also difficulties. My daughter ended her school year with a third hospitalization in six months, and my beloved grandmother passed away. 

Life is like that, right? The push and pull of excitement and disappointment.

Today, though, I am excited. I've been able to watch my business grow and change because of my new website, and I am so, so happy to announce a brand new feature. Today is the launch of the Whimsicals Paperie Rewards Program: 

Goodie Points are super simple:
You earn points.
Points = free stuff

It's completely free, and you earn points by doing things you normally do: 
1. Having a birthday (Happy birthday to YOU!)
2. Buying paper things
3. Referring others to Whimsicals Paperie
4. By simply signing up

As an added bonus, join our rewards program by Dec. 31, 2018, and get retroactive points for your Whimsicals Paperie purchases made between our website launch (March 20th) and today - my birthday gift to you!

All of the info can be found here

Happy December, Friends! Have a beautiful weekend. I'm going to go celebrate with my family. 

😘 Sarah

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