Counting Down to Christmas

Advent Calendars are a fun way to count with anticipation the days leading up to Christmas. Here at Whimsicals, we offer an assortment of beautiful calendars, and display options that not only make them purposeful, but also add delightful, hand drawn artwork to your home.

As a bonus, every one of our Advent Calendars are made to be used year after year to help build tradition and intentionality into your Christmas celebrations. In this blog, we are going to break down the options that we have and how to use them.

Card Decks

We offer three different Advent card decks: the Family Set, the Adult Set, and the Scripture Set. You can pick your favorite deck, or use multiple decks to mix and match and have even more options to choose from.     

The Family Card Set

The Family Set features fun, simple activities for your family, specifically for families with younger or elementary aged children or adults who are young at heart. Most activities take little or no prep time, and will help bring your family together in the spirit of the holidays. 

A few examples are: 

  • Camp out in the living room
  • Have a Christmas tea party
  • Collect old towels and blankets and donate them to an animal shelter

Made to use year after year, this advent calendar is a lovely building block for creating traditions you and your family will love. 

The Adult Card Set

The Adult Set is specifically designed for adults and families with older children. It features fun, simple activities that, like the Family Set, bring joy and intentionality into the season. They require minimal or no prep, and will bring your family together.

A few examples are:

  • Take treats to a retirement or nursing home
  • Make hot toddies and enjoy by the fireplace or by candlelight
  • Mail a handwritten note to someone you love

Made to use year after year, this advent calendar is perfect for building traditions you and your family will remember fondly.

The Scripture Card Set

The Scripture Set is a simple way to bring Scripture readings into each day leading up to Christmas. The pack contains 25 cards with one reference per day designed to be used from December 1st - December 25th. The Scriptures have been chosen from both the New and the Old testament to provide an account of prophetic passages as well as the story leading up to and through the birth of Jesus. They contain the Scripture reference only, so that you can read the passage from your favorite translation. 

Display Options

We offer two different display options, but you are always welcome to simply buy the deck of cards (as shown above) and display them in your own creative way.

Tabletop Boxed Set with Adjustable Stand:

They first display option we have available is a lidded boxed set with an adjustable black metal stand. This option is made to put on an coffee table, end table, dining room table, or countertop. The stand keeps the box upright and allows you to flip through the cards to choose your next activity or Scripture reading.


Wall Hanging Envelope Kit:

The next (and most popular) option we offer is our wall hanging envelope kit, which is a charming decor in its own right. It comes with 25 numbered brown bag envelopes with mini clothespins and jute to hang on your wall or mantle. Each day you can pull out the card to reveal your activity and/or Scripture reading, then clip it on top of the envelope as a reminder you of previous days adventures or scriptures. 

Choose the kit with your favorite set of cards, and you can add on additional cards sets as you like - each envelope can hold multiple cards if would like to mix and match different sets.


Whimsicals Paperie's Advent Calendars are designed to be used over and over, and many families have more than one deck that they use each year. They are all perfect for building traditions you and your family will remember and cherish.

Let us know which one you like best, or how you prefer to display them! We love seeing them in your homes!

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