Introducing Color Your Own Cards

Do you remember the waxy smell of crayons as you dig around for that just-right shade of ocean blue, or the feel of the marker as it drags across the page, bleeding ever so slightly outside the lines of the coloring page? For many of us, coloring got packaged away with our childhood memories—but that is all about to change.

We at Whimsicals Paperie are so happy to now be offering Color Your Own Cards! Studies have shown that coloring can reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus, create mindfulness, and even improve motor skills and vision. If that isn’t enough, coloring is fun, and who couldn’t use a bit more play in their life? 

So let's get to it and introduce you to the new goodies!

Postcards or Notecards

First, we are offering our new Color Your Own cards as both postcards and notecards with envelopes — you get to choose which you prefer!


Whichever you choose, both types come in sets of 8, with 4 designs, and 2 of each design in a set.

Pre-Worded or Fill in Your Own Message

Next, you get to choose whether you would like your cards pre-worded, or blank. The worded set comes with the phrases “Happy Birthday,” “Thank You,” “Thinking of You,” and “A Little Note” already filled in. If you choose the blank set, you are able to pen in whatever word or phrase strikes your fancy for the given occasion. Fun, right?



Draw Your Own Cards

The last new item we are now offering is Draw Your Own Cards. These come in both notecards and postcards as well. These are completely blank on the front and simply waiting for your creativity to spill onto them! If the design on the Color Your Own products feels restrictive and you just want to let your artistic juices flow, these are for you. Doodle your own drawing to color, doodle a drawing for the recipient to color, or use however you would like. The sky is the limit!


How Should I Use Them?

So how can you use all of these fun new cards? We have a few recommendations on how to start:

  • color and send it
  • send it with a note on the back or inside, and let the recipient color it
  • send a whole pack as a gift
  • have them out at a shower or party for guests to get artsy with

Part of the fun is that you get to decide whether you color them yourself or send them to someone ready for them to color it.

Intentionality & Play

Taking the time to color a notecard or postcard creates a space where you can purposefully think of or pray for the recipient. That intentionality can be such a gift for us, and the person we are holding space for. On the other hand, sending the card uncolored gives them the opportunity to play. You get to choose!

We would love to hear what you are most excited for and how you plan to use these cards. 


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