(Art)work in Progress


a sketchbook with a yellow sunflower illustration with wording that reads: (Art)work in Progress: a fun look into the illustration process

Hi friends, 

I thought it would be fun to show you some behind the scenes peeks into the process of drawing the illustrations that go onto Whimsicals products. The two new designs releasing next week onto notepads, note cards and stickers will be summer flowers! Bright and happy sunflowers and a Colorado classic - blue columbine. 

Did you know that all of the illustrations on Whimsicals Paperie products start out as hand drawn by me? My favorite drawing supplies are pencils, drawing pens and watercolor pencils. I begin with some simple sketches of the designs in pencil, and when I'm happy with the design will outline it in pen:

a pencil and pen drawing of a sunflower on a spiral bound drawing pad

Once outlined in pen, I go in with watercolor pencils and fill in the color. Watercolor pencils are a fun combination of colored pencil and watercolor. You color just like you would with colored pencils, but then you can go in with a wet brush and smooth and spread the pigment around with water. 

a drawing of three sunflowers. One is colored in, one partially colored in, and one is outlined in pen only.

a pencil, pen and watercolor pencil illustration of three sunflowers on a drawing pad with pencils laying next to it

Once I have the final drawing, I will scan it so that I can use the images to design my products for printing. 

Want to see some illustration in action? You can check out this fun timelapse video below of me illustrating blue columbine flowers.


And here are the scanned and digitized blue columbine on note cards:

an illustration of blue columbine flowers on a note card

a blue columbine flower note cards sitting on a wood background

The new sunflower and blue columbine designs come out on note cards, notepads and stickers next week, Tuesday, June 21st. Just in time to celebrate the beginning of summer!

Don't want to wait until then to start enjoying them yourself? You can download our newest (and free!) phone wallpaper featuring the happy sunflower from our free wallpapers blog post here

hand holding a smart phone with a sunflower wallpaper background


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