Celebrating Birthdays with Intentionality

“Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.” - Osho

It seems that the older one gets, the more acceptable it is to let the birthday slip on by. To this I say, no more! There are likely many moments worth celebrating each year, and our birthdays and the birthdays of others are one of those events. But, it can be hard to know just how to celebrate our friends and family members. Here’s a quick checklist if you need a few fresh ideas:

1. Remember

Honestly, this is the most important of them all. It feels so nice when someone knows it’s our birthday, but it can be tough to keep track of all the dates in this busy world! So, put it in your phone, and pick up a perpetual calendar like this one below. You can add the birthdays and anniversaries of those you care for, and see them at the beginning of each month when you flip it over. Plus, it is beautiful, so it is a lovely addition to any main living or office area.

Birthday calendar

2. Decorate

Did you ever have a birthday party as a child where the space was  decked out? Balloons, crepe paper, signs and confetti--all those decorations just for you! We can do that, and even class it up a bit if that’s your style.

Grab some of that good old crepe paper from a local dollar store, and wrap up that special birthday guy or gal’s chair at the kitchen table. Snag some fresh flowers from the grocery and pop them in a mason jar to set by the night stand next to the bed. Get some charming paperware to put their birthday breakfast on. It’s a little something that let’s that special person know they have been on your mind.

3. Jot it down

A sweet birthday card is always a lovely way to convey just how loved someone is. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but a simple, cheery card like this one below is sure to brighten their day. Don’t forget to share a thing or two that make them such a great part of your world.

Another fun place to spread the joy is on mirrors. Grab a pack of chalk markers and write down words that celebrate and describe them on their bathroom mirror, the shower wall, or their car window. It is a simple act that keeps the celebration going.

4. The perfect gift

The perfect gift doesn’t need to be expensive, or elaborate. The best gifts are the intentional ones--the ones that say, “I see you. I have been listening. I’m paying attention.” If you can find a gift that you can personalize, that adds a lovely touch. So forget about spending a big chunk of money, and spend a bit more of that energy paying close attention to what makes that special person smile.

A birthday is only one day out of a 365 day spin around the sun, but it is a chance to let those who are special to you know just how seen they are. It is a chance to create a space where they can feel celebrated, heard, and noticed. It doesn’t take lots of cash-- just a little time, a dab of creativity, and a dollop of love.


Martha is a writer and editor with Whimsicals Paperie. She is a Colorado native who enjoys snowy trail runs, camping in the Rockies, and a nice glass of red wine paired with a good friend and some dark chocolate. She has the privilege of living life alongside her adventurous husband, vivacious son, and a passionate toddler daughter -- each of whom make her life infinitely more beautiful.

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