A giving program for hospitalized children.

Selah's Story

Selah's Friends is a giving program located in Centennial, CO that was created and is run by 10 year old, Selah (SAY-luh). Selah was born at 35 weeks and 4.5 lbs with VACTERL Association, and received her first surgery at eight hours old. She has since gone through nine additional surgeries, countless other procedures and many more hospitalizations. Through it all she demonstrates a strength of spirit that inspires all of those around her. Selah loves and lives life with abandon and enjoys playing outdoors, reading, writing, and learning about anything she can.

Selah's first batch of toys was purchased using money that she personally saved. She continues to save and contribute her own funds, but would like to accept donations to be able to purchase even more gifts for children spending time in the hospital. 100% of funds donated will be used to purchase toys, books, games and activities to be donated to Denver area hospitals.

Selah's Inspiration

I have spent a lot of time in a hospital bed and when you are in a hospital bed, it’s easy to begin feeling depressed and bored. When I was four years old, I was recovering from a surgery when I heard the squeaking of a cart in the hall. A woman was walking room to room with a cart of toys. As she came into my room, my heart leapt! She gave me a stuffed panda almost the size of me, and it made my day. Now, six years, ten surgeries, and many procedures later, I still love to relive the memory of when the kind woman gave me a stuffed panda. 

I want to give other sick kids in the hospital that chance to feel the feeling I had when a toy made my day, and thus Selah’s Friends was born. My goal is to make as many kids as possible as happy as I felt by providing free toys, games, and gifts. 

Selah’s Friends is sponsored by Whimsicals Paperie and 100% of donations go to buying new toys, games and activities for hospitalized children. Please join me in making my dream come true!

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